Saturday, March 5, 2016

12 Hours Getaway

Salam and hi there!

It's my EOP weekend again haha... I've just finished my ORL posting, one of the minor postings but no, not really a minor for me. Three seminars everyday for 3 weeks, mana minornya pun tak taulah. Stress kena prepare presentation banyak pastu tak sempat nak baca untuk seminar lain -_- It's okay, dah habis pun. But that doesn't mean my suffering stops there, I'll be going to Medical posting after this so yeah... hahaha. Expectation untuk medical posting tinggi tau sebenarnya sebab mostly benda yang dah belajar, supposedly tau banyak dah. Tak macam ophthal or ORL yang banyak benda baru. So bila dah expected to know a lot of things but still you don't, jangan kata lecturer frust, diri sendiri pun frust hah.

That's not the point of this post anyway, I'll keep that for later. Syafika, Elly and I went for a short getaway yesterday! Elly has just finished O&G (that's another posting to look forward to ha-ha-ha) while Syafika is going to start O&G, so they both wanted to go out this weekend and we did.

We went out around 9.30 AM, lambat sebab well... :p Singgah Mydin kejap beli tikar dengan jajan untuk makan kat pantai nanti. Since we're already late, we had our brunch at Warung Pak Mat Pulau Pisang and had a dose of their famous teh tarik madu. Sedappppp! Manis gilaaaaa tapi okay lah sekali sekala kan hahaha. Then off we went to Pantai Bukit Keluang.

The place has changed quite a lot since I last went there last year. Dah ada giant bubbles tu :D Ramai orang so we went to a more discrete area (hujung sikit la maknanya) because we wanted some privacy haha. It was a hot day but breezy, so we were happy with the weather. Watched Crazy Little Thing Called Love while muching on the snacks we brought. Everything was perfect.

Around 4.30 PM, we  went back to KB. Pergi KB Mall pulak, layan dua orang tu shopping. Habis shopping, we went to Pizzeria Traudi for dinner. 5/10 for the food. Syafika had Mac & Cheese and mushroom soup, Elly had spaghetti bolognese and I had a beef lasagna. Those we had were edible for me, the lasagna and spaghetti were okay. Not a fan of mac & cheese but I think it's quite... plain? Macam kurang sikit la rasa dia. Sayang tak try pizza dia, rasanya pizza dia sedap kot haha.

In short, the getaway was enjoyable, it was better than how I've expected it to be instead. Definitely would do it again some other day. I hope you have a great weekend as well, bye! :)

P.s. All the characters played in this video are not related to anyone in the universe either alive or dead. Semuanya rekaan semata-mata, gurau je :p

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