Saturday, January 2, 2016


Hello! Happy new year, people :)

I thought of doing a post on how my 2015 went on the 31st of December but I was too lazy lol.

2015 was great. One of the things I've achieved was of course, passing my Pro 2. And starting clinical years, oh yeah haha. Having a new circle of friends; le Sado bros, oh boy I love them. I thank Allah for granting them in my life, these 6 people with very nice hearts and souls. Each with their own character, it was so fun having them around. Despite of having to be separated from le Sado bros, I got to make new friends with my posting mates. The only one I'm used to is Najat but we were separated in different small groups for each posting so... I still have to start all over again. Alhamdulillah, I can get along with them, still trying to get used to, to feel belong to the group but things are going well so far :) Having time spent with my family, friends, le Sado bros, meeting new people, making new friends and trying new things is a blessing.

2015 passed by really fast though. And I don't remember trying anything really new. Set line pun belum lagi, ambil darah patient pun belum lagi. Medical student kan, apa lagi yang nak try haha. Tu pun belum try lagi. Apatah lagi benda daring yang lain *emoji mata pandang atas*.


Since it's 2016 already, ada azam baru tak?

I think tahun ni, kita buat azam yang lagi realistik la kot. Umur dah masuk 23 (omg *emoji cemas*), takkan la berazam nak kahwin dengan putera raja lagi hahaha. K tak lawak.

  1. Be more in charge of myself. If you want it, do it. If you don't, then say no.
  2. Be brave to make my own decisions and to face the consequences that follow.
  3. Be more understanding. Husnuzon extra sikit.
  4. Not to bow down to my emotions so much. Hati, please behave.
  5. To save more money. Sem 1 ni macam nak berjaya. Hampir berjaya. Haha.
  6. To be more patient. Ni azam since beberapa tahun lepas. Susah nak capai :(
6 je kot untuk tahun ni. Cukuplah tu. I gotta continue revising now, end of posting exam in another 2 weeks. Please pray for me :3

Till then, have a good day! ;)

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