Friday, May 1, 2015

Phase 2 of medschool

Assalamualaikum and hi again!

I've neglected this blog again... Did a few attempts to put up an update before this but didn't manage to finish even one. It's not that I have nothing to say, I just can't.

There's time when you suddenly has so many things to share and it all went missing when you're ready to hit the keyboard. Haa gitulah ceritanya. Eheh.

I'm back now, anyway. But I can't say for how long until I go missing again...

So now, it's approaching the end of my third year in medical school. Just finished my Selanjar 3 and long case exam a few days ago. Exams were always a pain in the ass for me. Struggled so hard during my study week. Yelah suka sangat study last minute kan, padan muka. It was crazy I tell you, crazy. That's just Selanjar 3 and long case, Pro 2 ni tak taulah macam mana. But good thing this time, we have 3 weeks of study week for our Pro 2. Well, at least bolehlah bernafas sikit kan. Haha. I hope I'll make use of the time wisely, promised Elly that we'll study together and then we'll have our study group with my bros (read : girls) every 2 days. Eh ye ke setiap 2 hari? Hahaha tak ingat.

Sebenarnya kita nak cerita pasal benda lain tapi menyimpang pulak tadi. Well, let me introduce my group members for this Phase 2. PBL 2 consisting of 12 members altogether.

From left : Rachel, Christine, Maliq, Suhail, Elly, me, Karamjit, Syafika, Shu, Aravind, Gan, Syafiq

That was taken before our Selanjar 1 :D

2 years of knowing this bunch of crazy people kan, I've learnt a lot. Tapi macam biasalah, dah hujung-hujung baruuuuu nak start rapat. Kalau dah 12 kepala kan, mana nak aman. Of course there are times when we fight but those are nothing compared to the good times we had together. We went out for a few times and we had so much fun every single time. We celebrate birthdays, play truth or dare (almost all the time when we went out xD), give silly answers during PBLs and clinical teachings, come up with weird ideas for CFCS together with PBL group 11 and a lot more. It was an amazing 2 years with you guys. If I were given a chance to change to another group, I'll definitely choose to stay :)


Of course banyak selfie je, semua gigam (read : gila gambar) tau, tak pernah tak nak masuk gambar hahaha.

With that, I'd like to thank all 11 members for everything - the knowledge that you guys have shared, the awesome teamwork whenever we have to work on something eg. CFCS, presentations etc and simply for being a friend. Special thanks to Suhail, the efficient group leader that is always up for anything, I know it's hard to manage us all but we love you, leader :D And thank you to Gan, our CFCS boss who have worked very diligently to make things work. We love you too, boss! :B For all my clinical teaching partners, thank you for being a very good partner ;) Can't thank you guys enough, I'll be missing you guys and those memories we had :')

I'm truly sorry if I've ever done anything wrong and hurt anyone of you by any means. I never had the intention to, really. All the best for Professional 2 exam, I hope we'll all pass and get to 4th year together. Jia you! ♥

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