Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Lambat. Lewat. Late.

Salam and hi. Err? Awkward much.

How long have I been away now? Roughly around 2 months, aye? No, not really. I've always been here every now and then or you can say... every hour? Hehe. Not coming up with a blog post doesn't really mean I'm not here, it's just I'm quite busy or maybe not but still can be considered busy, I guess. :p My December was fine but January was fully occupied! Haha. Had lots of last minute work and changes that I had to cramped everything up in that 31 days. Haaa alasan untuk tak sempat study, ehem. No, seriously. I don't have much time to or maybe I spent too much for sleep but I was almost always tired every time I got back to my room :/

Oh by the way, happy 2014? Hehe. During the first weekend of January, I went to MRSM Taiping with 5 friends for a presentation on the Junior Doctors program. Then next weekend was spent at RAYS. I was free for the third weekend and was supposed to study which I didn't blergh. Became a facilitator for MSFT's Training of Trainers during the 4th weekend and continued with Junior Doctor program until Tuesday. Nampak macam tak busy sangat pun hm yelah. Sebenarnya tang preparation untuk semua event tu yang buat busy sangat. Macam-macam hal, semuanya lain-lain. Eh tak, ini bukan menyesal pun. Alhamdulillah, I'm glad that I've joined these programs sebab dapat kenal ramai orang and actually gained a lot of new experience and benefit. Serius tak tipu. ;)

Kalau tadi happy 2014, now Happy Chinese New Year to everyone who are celebrating it! Haha. I know, I know. Dah lambat berapa hari dah ni. Better late than never kan? Haha motif sangat. Most of you guys tengah cuti sem kan sekarang ni. Congrats for finishing your exams yo! *applause* While me, I'm studying for my exam on the 17th of February now. Melawan arus sangat kan -_- Lucky us, cuti CNY seminggu and study week seminggu so ada 2 minggu untuk berhempas pulas study. Kalau memikirkan kesibukan haritu, memang ke lautlah kalau study week seminggu je. Gua bukannya genius mahupun punya otak yang ada kekuatan memori luar biasa. Tak, ini bukan cerita dongeng.

Okaylah, sebenarnya gua penat sebab study tak henti sejak pagi tadi... hahaha ok tak tapi serius penat. Doakan gua dan kawan-kawan gua boleh jawab exam dengan senang ok? Terima kasih in advance! Kena sambung balik ni, so jaga diri korangz bye!

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