Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Key to happiness

"So this is just a reminder to myself and all; don’t be consumed by other people’s lives. Be happy for other people’s rezeki and at the same time, appreciate your own rezeki. Live for your own life, love your loved ones and count your blessings everyday.
I honestly believe that’s the key to happiness."
Taken from Vivy Yusof's blogpost here.

I realized that I've been complaining a lot recently. So much to do, yet so little time. Nah, you big fat liar. I spent too much time relaxing and lazing around. Wayyy too much. And then I start complaining this and that. Sigh.

Read Vivy's blog just now and came across with that post she wrote. Perfectly written. I've been too busy being jealous and questioning on people's rezeki and stuffs, why is she/he  like this and that, that should be me and whatever crap that were in my mind. What was I thinking, man? T_T

So I guess I should constantly remind myself now. Less complaining and be more thankful? Yeah. 


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