Friday, November 1, 2013

Still here

Well, hello people.

I'm now typing from my room at USM. Yes, I'm still here when I think everyone else are enjoying tea time at home, hanging out at the mall, having fun wherever they are. And me? I'm all alone here trying to figure out what should I do after this. Oh probably get myself some food. Yup.

Why I'm still not home? The family is coming over tomorrow and then we're gonna go jalan-jalan a bit here and then until we head back home on Monday. That's about it. This is the first time staying alone here though. Sigh. It's completely silent okay and that's not okay with me. I'm not that scared but kind of when I start imagining things and then I'll be like talking to myself, "what movie should I watch after this" or "I think I'm gonna eat cereal" every time I was looking at the mirror in the toilet brushing my teeth or washing my face. Ish -___-" And there's this black cat, a naughty one wondering around. He always comes into the room like it's his'. That's one and another thing is that, he's black so he kind of surprised me along the corridor. It's dark anyway and obviously he's black. You'll only get to see his eyes. And I am always so close to screaming hysterically every time he pops out from nowhere. Sigh.

Well I better enjoy the calmness (I'm trying to comfort myself, you see) before it's taken away when everyone comes back haha. Anyway, it's November already! How time flies :O 2 months more before 2014 and I'm gonna have my Selanjar 1 in February when I can still vividly remember how tough Pro 1 was *gasps for air*. Like I've said, so much new things to learn! *o* It's really hard to catch up and I'm serious. While I'm at one thing, new things come up in the line. Yeah, that's how doctors are made; like a soldier. Adding more knowledge, brushing up skills and being tougher and stronger physically, mentally and emotionally in a one long course. It's either you take it or leave it. Once you've decided and there's no more turning back.

With that, I guess, I'm all tied up. I'll survive medical school and will be up for more challenges after that. I know I can.

I know you can too.

Eh wait, I think that's not what I am supposed to talk about LOL. But I don't really have anything specific to talk about either, I was just plain bored here hence the post hahaha.

So, that's all for now. Happy Deepavali to those who are celebrating and happy holidays for the others! :)

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