Monday, May 6, 2013


Hi there. So BN won the general election yesterday. Just through observation, I see and learn lots of thing. I'll be eligible to vote for the next election. I'm gonna do my own research and make a fair vote, hopefully. If you're reading this, let's join forces and bring our nation up and improve for the better while still be united.

For now, let's leave it there first (of course, try to change ourself to be better all the time).

Got my Selanjar 3 results last Thursday. It turned out to be as what I hope it would. I passed. Alhamdulillah. But then, my 30% carry mark is very, very little. Gotta brush up for the finals or we call it Professional Exam 1 (Pro 1). Eh bukan pro-kerajaan tu k, jangan nak politik sangat kat sini. It will be starting either at the end of June or early of July. Just finish counting and I have about 8 weeks to go, 54 days starting from tomorrow. How many notes to revise? Let's see. 16 blocks altogether, 3 of them are the 'killer' blocks (4 weeks for musculoskeletal, 4 weeks for central nervous system and 3 weeks for gastrointestinal). Hm let'say there are 10 lectures per week and I have 32 weeks of lecture which total up to... 320 lecture notes to be covered in 54 days. And I'm very sure there are more lecture notes than just 320 estimated. Eek :/

Can't waste time anymore. More work and less play now. Wish me luck. I'll be praying for your success too, amigos! All the best to you guys having finals too k! :D

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