Friday, April 5, 2013


So the last time I made a blogpost was on March 18th which is... last month.  Not bad of an achievement for not abandoning this blog hehe :p

I've got a lot to share with you guys (again) but I feel very bad of doing so every time the thought went through my mind just because I still have so much to revise for Selanjar 3 :( But yeah, things are still the same so let's just run through a few updates!

Hmm (checking through pictures)...

I'm not sure which came first but here are some pictures of what took place recently.

 TERANI classical games.

Rabbani in the house! Hehe. This is one of the events during FesKI (Festival Kelestarian Islam). Went to their concert and watching them perform live is pure awesome! :D

...and more pictures to be kept private :D

I'm going to share more about the last set of pictures, bare with me alright? Good. That was during our CPP (Community Placement Programme), a program that is compulsory for us, the first year students here. At first we planned to go to the orphanage home but because of some reasons, we can't and so we went to Rumah Nur City Centre (Pertubuhan Masyarakat Prihatin), shelter for single mothers and orphanage living with HIV/AIDS. Alhamdulillah, the day went well ;)

I got to learn so many things over there. Honestly, who doesn't have bad thoughts when you meet people with HIV/AIDS? Deep down, you sure have thoughts like I can't use things they use, I can't shake hands with them etc. When we arrived at the place, we were given a briefing by Dr. Zahrain and his mother, Pn. Zaimah. Dr. Zahrain talked about the shelter home itself and the organization while Pn. Zaimah told us about the discrimination towards people living with HIV/AIDS. People often isolate and discriminate them in terms of things they use or in contact with. For example, the cutlery they use, we would be thinking that they've used the cutlery so there's virus all over it and we can't use it even after it is washed. If we have something like this in mind, then what about the cutlery at the restaurants? The hotels? Public places? And the same goes to toilet and whatnot. That somehow hit me. I have those thoughts earlier before I went there. Doesn't that just make us cruel for not offering them help and making things worse, discriminating them? I feel bad at one point for having those thoughts. People isolate them because they're infected and none of them ever wish to get infected. What about little children who got it from their parents? Is it their fault?

And hey, don't you think they have the same equal right to live like everyone of us do? They do. Let's change our mentality. We're all responsible to help.

I guess, that's it for now. So stop discriminating and start offering a helping hand. Lead a healthy, active life, people! :)

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