Thursday, December 27, 2012

Because she does it this way

1) Hello, you.
2) It's now 'winter' in Kelantan.
3) The rain has stopped raining heavily for 2 days.
4) Got myself a study group with Fatin, Haikal and Hanna. Yay!
5) Striving to finish reading the lecture notes.
6) Done with the central nervous system block.
7) Starting haemopoietic block next week.
8) Today's Thursday.
9) Got through the interview and am involved in MSFT (Medical Student Facilitator Team).
10) Gonna have a KTP training camp tomorrow and the day after.
11) I'm hungry.
12) Went for a haircut just now with Syu.
13) I love food.
14) Saw rats at the food stalls -__-"
15) Selanjar 2 is on February.
16) Having a week break after that for CNY.
17) Wondering when is money going to grow on trees.
18) Went to eat steamboat that day with my roommates. Nice!
19) I miss Khim. :)

Why am I blogging like this?
Just because Khim blogged this way. Haha. And why do I have to follow? Refer number 19. ;)

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