Tuesday, October 2, 2012



It's been a month already since I got here.. Phew. Learned many new things, practiced a better routine (although not that good to be proud of but at least better than before :p) and get to meet new people which I'd say friends by now :)

And today, I am officially nineteen. Uww for once I feel old -____-" Being at the final year before getting into the twenties, oh my. I'm that old already? SERIOUSLY?!

But who am I kidding? LOL. We all grow up, everyone including plants and animals. To think of it again, it's good to be nineteen. You learn a lot of things in all sorts of manners. In a more matured way. Yeah. Dah masanya untuk kau bersikap lebih matang dalam semua perkara, tak boleh perangai macam budak 3 tahun lagi. Budak darjah 4 pun tak boleh, tingkatan 5 pun tak boleh. *penuh semangat*

Thank you for all the birthday wishes via Facebook, Twitter, calls, text messages and et cetera. It feels really good to know that people remember (I know FB plays a very important role nowadays haha :p). I appreciate each and every single one. ♥

Gotta go now, lots of notes waiting to be read. Till then.

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