Tuesday, August 28, 2012


So I only have another 1 day to go before going to Kelantan. I know it's just Kelantan which is still in Malaysia and what's the big deal about going there? It's not like you're not coming back and come on, it's just Kelantan.

If you were saying that earlier or that was running on your mind a second ago, here's the thing ;

1) The furthest I've went without my family is Banting which is only about an hour drive from Kajang.
2) Being homesick is a really big issue.
3) I just can't be far away from home :(

And to complicate things further, lots of issues coming up, got myself into trouble and stuffs. Life is just a mess right now. A BIG mess.

Ini namanya dugaan eh? Allah beri dugaan sebab Allah sayangkan kita.

This shall hold me strong, I shouldn't give up.

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