Sunday, August 12, 2012


Hi, everyone.

We're left with one more week of Ramadhan now. How fast time flies. Sad that Ramadhan is gonna end but excited that Raya is getting near :) Well, this is probably the last Ramadhan at home *sighs.

Anyhow, there are still so many things to do since I'm enrolling to USM on the 1st of September which is in less than 2 weeks from now. And the truth is I'm only 10% prepared for it. With Raya drawing nearer, I gotta help Mama with the chores and stuffs. Oh yeah.

So I thought it would be better if I do a little bit of planning. Just a guideline for the week so that I won't leave anything important out.

SundayTidy up room, Raya shopping with Mama and kakak.
Monday - Medical check up @ Klang.
Tuesday - Do chores and continue tidy up room (probably can't do it in just one day haha)
Wednesday - Do more chores. Haha.
Thursday - Bake Raya cookies.
Friday - Finish up what's left undone. Haha.
Saturday - Cooking session with Mama and balik kampung! Yeay!

Not much plans eh? Trust me, it's not that simple and I actually need more time. Haha. But this is basically what I'm going to do for the week. How about  you guys? Have a productive week alright! :)

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