Saturday, May 5, 2012

Short trip to Kelantan.


Hello there. I was thinking whether to update my blog tonight or probably tomorrow or... and decided to update it tonight. So here I am. What's up? I just got back from Kelantan actually. Need to attend an interview at USM, Kubang Kerian campus and so I went.

Somewhere along the journey.

We went there by bus and only God knows how uncomfortable it was in the bus for like 10 hours. T__T The bus was fine, it's just that the long journey... *sighs. We went there on Wednesday and reached at around 7.30pm. Kak Mimie's friend, kak Siti picked us up and brought us for dinner before she sends us to the hotel near USM.

My interview session was at 8.30a.m. Since our hotel is really near, we just walked to USM. The place is not bad, I'd rate it 7 out of 10. Well, if you'd ask if I'd like to study there, then I would. The facilities seems fine and I have not found any problem with that place yet. Janganlah banding dengan Kolej Matrikulasi Selangor yang baru tersergam indah itew. Oh sorry, I forgot to take any photo of that place. -__-"

About the interview, not much factual questions were asked. Basically what they asked were why choose that course, do you think you can handle the stress and whatnots, what differs you from the others and lastly, they gave a scenario and we had to give a solution. In case you wonder what scenario I got ;

Your roommate who is also your best friend has failed all term tests on the third year of medical school. She wants to quit. How would you help her?

Let's just keep my answer private and confidential. LOL. Alhamdulillah, I got such nice and friendly interviewers. As a normal human being, sure I was nervous about the interview. Plus, this is my first time going for an interview but both the interviewers made it easier for me. :)

Because we all were tired and lazy to go anywhere, we stayed at the hotel until Kak Mimie fetched us for dinner and sent us to the bus station. And here comes another sad story. We were supposed to board the bus at 9pm but it came at 11pm! I really felt like burning the whole place down. And it wasn't the actual bus we're supposed to ride. When we reach Gua Musang, we board on the actual bus. Bas pulak 2 tingkat T__T Dahlah ada kenangan pahit, Allah je yang tahu betapa menakutkannya duduk dalam bas tu. Around 2am, the bus stop somewhere between the journey which I thought just for a short break. We bought some refreshments and went on the bus again. I slept until about 5 am until Mama woke me up and told me we have to change bus AGAIN. I then realized we haven't even move an inch from that place. -_________-

Kota Bharu bus station.

Rupa-rupanya bas rosak. Tak bagitahu pulak. Cisssss. Masa ni memang betul-betul rasa nak bakar satu tempat tu. Sabar je lah kan. Nevertheless, we finally reached Kajang around 11am. At that moment, I was really glad and happy that we're finally reaching home. Masa sampai rumah, memang rasa macam nak cium pintu pagar tu. Baring atas katil yang empuk dengan gembira dan penuh rasa kesyukuran. :')

Well, the short stay at Kelantan was nice except for the long ride on the bus. I'd like to go back there (by some other mode of transport, hopefully) someday. I'm sure Kelantan has a lot more to offer. :D

Till then, xx.


Atikah said...

Was right to not bug you yesterday :O

Shahiela C said...

Lol. It's alright :)