Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May 29th.

Hello everyone.

It looks like I've been abandoning le blog for err... 3 weeks? Actually I've got myself a job, started working on the 7th of May. Thought of telling you guys how the first day went but nothing much to be told so I waited for a week. Still nothing interesting to tell, I thought of blogging after 2 weeks but I have no pictures at all. And now, here I am after more or less 3 weeks. Sadly, still not gonna tell about work because I'm not in the mood to do so.

Ada rasa macam nak lempang I tak? Hahaha. Nantilah baru cerita okay sebab banyak benda yang jadi. Semalam result PSPM 2 dah keluar. Secara jujur dan tulus ikhlasnya, I dah redha awal-awal lagi. I can clearly remember how I did. How I used the wrong formulae in Physics, how I crapped for that Bio essay question on the HIV infection, how I carelessly did Maths and how I had no idea on how to answer the chemical test question for Chemistry. To think about all the answers I gave, it's a total nightmare. I always imagine how the examiners would mark my paper. They must have had a headache and probably been whining all the way through marking my answer sheets. With my horrible handwriting, scattered points, improper sequence of answers etc., I would say they have had a hard time. And he/she must be really kind-hearted!

A big thank you to my family especially Papa and Mama for understanding me (ehem the uncontrollable laziness) and keeping me motivated especially that night before the Bio exam (when I had the major breakdown, I was so stressed out. Blame the lazy me, boo). To all lecturers, thank you so much for guiding through and teaching not only syllabus-based but also about life. To fellow friends I've made at KMS, thank you for always being there, for not getting tired of answering my questions (which could be stupid sometimes) and for being so awesome and supportive! Special thanks to my BFFs (you know who you are) for listening to my rants on the phone even though we are far apart. ♥

And above all, I couldn't stop thanking Allah. Alhamdulillah. He is indeed, the Almighty. Despite of being lazy(see how I've been repeating this word so many times) and only know to study at the very last minute, Allah still grant me the best result I can ever ask for. Alhamdulillah.

So, congratulations everyone, no matter what you get, you've done did your best. And with that, I'd like to say matriculation rocks, baby! *head banging*

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