Thursday, April 26, 2012

Feeling good.

Ini sudah tidak perlu *campak pen ke tepi*. Ini pun tidak perlu lagi *campak nota ke tepi*. Saya sudah...


Huish, ada dengun. *senyum sorang-sorang*

Demam Lawak Ke Der sangat! Haha.

So hello there! How's things going? I hereby announce that I'm done with matrics! *throws confetti* I'm home already. Despite of feeling happy that I'm finally off the stress, tutorials and et cetera, it's sure hard to leave especially  the friends I've met for that whole 10 months.

What I think of matrics? I'd say it's short and sweet. Eheh, tipu sangat. But that 10 months is really short once you're there. That 24 hours per day feels like only 12 hours especially when you have so much work to do. Basically what I do on weekdays is wake up in the morning and get ready for class at 8. We got twice one hour break and what I usually do is take a nap or do my tutorials. Note that I mentioned take a nap first, simply because that is what I'd do normally unless there's unfinished homework to be submitted on that day itself. Taking a nap is really important to make sure that you'd stay awake during lectures. I bet you know how it feels having to attend lectures for hours? Even to stay focus for only an hour demands a lot of determination. Thiz iz seriouz. My classes finish at 5pm usually. Then, I'd go for an evening walk or cycling with my friend, Gee at 6pm. :) We'll go back at 6.30-6.45pm, take a shower blablabla and only start doing homework after Isya' around 9pm. Homework banyak k. Report lagi. Assignment lagi. Mana sempat nak buat revision lagi. Alasan semata-mata kbai.

But that's more or less about it. Tapi itu semua perkara biasa, adat menuntut ilmu kan? Takpe takpe. Jangan risau. That's the purpose of having friends over there! *wink* Well, when you're at a place you're not used to, friends are the ones who can make you feel comfortable being there. As for me, I've never been to a boarding school before so going to matrics is my first time being apart from my comfy bed, eh my family. Alhamdulillah, I met such great people over there! Best gila. Tapi sayang sebab sem 2 baru betul-betul rapat and faham masing-masing. Perangai... haha. And that people, I'd like to dedicate it to SM1K2P1 for being so awesome! ♥ We're like a bunch of minions. Oh anyway, tengok trailer Despicable Me 2 yang ada 4 minions singing memang kelakar and comel sangat! Shaz suka gila lagu Banana tu k. ;) Thanks to Ainnur sebab tunjuk kitorang video tu. :D

Sebenarnya the main point here is that, I'd like to give away my reference books to anyone who's interested. Please jangan malu jangan segan kalau nak k. I have Biology, Physics and Chemistry books. Tak banyak pun, LOL.

I'd tell you more next time, bye for now! :]


Anonymous said...

Have you given those books to anyone? Kalau tak, saya nak. Hehe. Kak Cilaaaaa, haha k. Sbnrnya nak tanya matrik setahun ni mcm mana? Susah tak?

Shahiela C said...

Nope, not yet. Bole je :) Kalau study consistently, tak susah pun. Matrik ni lebih kurang 10 bulan je, so study memang laju la. Tak boleh lengah2. Dapat matrik mana?

faz said...

can i buy it.

Anonymous said...

boleh tak :) faz 0132693398