Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sum it all up.

Hi there. My first 2012 post? January is reaching the end and I'm only updating now? Doh.

So because it's going to be the end of January already, I thought of telling roughly what took place this month. First thing first, I did my first blood donation! It took a lot of courage, okay? Lucky me, I've got more friends who are afraid rather than friends who are fine with it. And not to forget, friends who cannot donate blood because of some reasons coughShazandAinnurcough :P Just kidding. Actually macam dah tak jadi nak pergi sebab tak ada orang nak teman but then Zara nak join so we went. However, Zara couldn't make it because she had flu. Okay, fine. Then, nampak nurse tu inject someone. Trust me, jarum tu besar mak oi! At that moment, I felt so reluctant to continue, rasa nak tarik diri and go for class. But, "dude, let's just do it." I told myself. I iz cool, no? Haha. So I went on. It was fine and I'm so proud of myself. :') To those who haven't or have no guts to do it like the earlier me, try it!

Moving on, on the first of January, Nadia, kakak and me watched Jack and Jill. It's really hilarious and sends a good message to the people also. Had fun watching it, and if you've watch it, there's this triplets at the end of the movie. They are so handsome! Hiks. Just saying :P Then, Shaz, Ad, Gee and me went to Jusco, Bukit Tinggi. We did some shopping and I spent the RM100 voucher at the book store. We had lunch at Kenny Rogers and saw One (Forteen).

Oh and the biggest thing is MUET results came out on... I forgot the date. Oh well, what's more important is the result, isn't it? Alhamdulillah, I got band 4. Although it isn't as good but I'm fine with it. On a Saturday, we had this Program Bestari Solat. Learned a lot of things and the ustaz was good. He knows how to attract attention and how to make jokes. The picture of Gee on the bottom right is during the Maths and Science Olympiad. Gee and I were responsible for the students registration. Ramai orang beratur nak join! Tempat terhad so they were kind of pushing each other to register their names. Takut pun ada macam nak berlaku rusuhan. Haha.

I almost forgot, Happy Chinese New Year! :D The thought that counts, kan? Sorrylah lambat. We didn't celebrate it this year so we (Pakcik and family with us) went to Paksu's house at USJ during CNY. And so, we went to i-City on the first CNY night. Jammed, packed with people macam Milo Fuze uolls! Memanglah semua orang cuti. Toured around, took some photos and we had late night nasi lemak ayam before going back to Paksu's house.

And finally, look what just arrived this morning :

I'm beyond happy! LOL. Bought this using my angpow money :D One of my new year's resolution is achieved. :D How about another resolution done next month? Hope so! Having my mid sem 2 exam this Monday and as usual, I'm never ready to sit for exams *sighs*. That looks like one of my resolutions is going down the drain. Blergh. I'll still do my best, anyway.

Au revoir, mes amis.
( p.s. I did not Google translate this.)

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