Monday, April 18, 2011

Yay, nay.

Well hello there :) Here is a short update, boo-hoo. I wanted to make a longer post but I just can't. Or didn't feel like doing it right now. You understand what I mean? I hope you do.

Yay #1 : I bought a new phone! With my own money. It's not a BlackBerry neither an iPhone. Still., thank you Allah for the chance to do so :')
Yay #2 : Blergh. There's no yay #2.

Nay #1 : I've moved all my pictures from the previous phone into my sim card AND deleted all of them straight away before even moving them into the new phone. How genius is that? Okay, don't answer. -___-"
Nay #2 : Having a backache all of a sudden. My back hurts whenever I stand and walk. Ugh.

And that's all of it. Good night! xx


Atikah said...

Yay for new phone :D QWERTY?

Boo #1: For lost pictures :( Takde transfer the pics to your lappy? If no, I've a software downloading, for recovery of some sort. Don't know if it works though, so let me know if you'd like to give that a try.

Boo #2: Backache. Try Panadol Extend ;)

Shahiela C said...

Nope, touch. QWERTY for the future, hehe.

Transfered some of them but not all. So yeah. It's okay, I take that as a new start ;)

Not sure if it'll work, this backache is kinda annoying. But I'll just try it anyway :)

Atikah said...

Not QWERTY but touch? Dah one step ahead dah ni :D

As for the back, join the club -_-

Shahiela C said...

Wee :D