Monday, February 28, 2011


If you've read Pei Khim's blog over here, you would have known that we (Alia, Pei Khim and me) went to KLCC last Saturday. Alia suggested that we watch I am Number Four. I went on Google the night before to check the movie out, the synopsis, cast and all. For me, the movie was good (despite of the abrupt ending)! Alia and I went "ooohh hot" over John Smith/Number Four (Alex Pettyfer) a few times throughout the movie :P While Pei Khim kept admiring the cameras that Sarah Hart (Dianna Agron) has. Number six (Teresa Palmer) is hot. Seriously, she did an amazing job!

We then had lunch at Madam Kwan's. I had an Ipoh Kuey Teow Soup which is just a so-so. The service was okay. Later, Alia and I went to the surau for our prayers, leaving Pei Khim at Kinokuniya. About 10-15 minutes after that, we all bought ourselves some drinks from Boost. I had a All Berry Bang smoothies with Alia while Pei Khim had her Energiser Juice. Two thumbs up for the names, very creative! ;)

After that, we walked to the garden, sat on the pavement and started rehearsing *blank*. Hahaha, it's a random activity though, I haven't got enough courage to tell what it is. I'll tell you if I ever got the courage to, LOL. Saw some unexpected scenes there pfft, oh well.

Anyways, Thank you Pei Khim and Alia for making my day! Wuhooo! Thanks for the help also :D

Favourite picture of the day. Hahahah XD

I wore a skirt, finally! It's like a big decision and I've made it, haha. I haven't wore that skirt starting high school. But I think, I'm falling for skirts, all over again ;) Will try to look for more skirts, teehee.

p.s. Number Four is so much hotter when his hair was dark brown, earlier in the movie. But blonde is still fine.