Monday, February 28, 2011


Alhamdulillah. How do I start this? I'm so thrilled and happy, couldn't thank God enough :)

I have won a share of RM20k from the Red FM's RM20k Facebook Frenzy around 6 p.m. just now. I was so surprised that Terry, the DJ called out my name. My full name, NSCAFC. Who else in the world has that name? LOL. I screamed a little, hold myself back. Tried to calm myself down but I couldn't, my hands were already trembling. -__-" I was so, so surprised! I immediately took the phone number that I have to call and then, suddenly my phone rang. I nearly dropped my phone, haha. Saw the name and answered the call. He informed me about it and asked if I did joined, I answered him and hung up. Continued dialing Red FM's office line and no answer. OMG. I tried again. And, Terry answered "Hello!" in a very friendly tone. I told him who I am and the conversation went on. I was so nervous! I'm sure everyone who listened could hear that. Ahhhh. And finally, after a few questions to confirm that I am the real me, Terry said I just won! On that exact moment, I was... enchanted. Haha. I won like seriously?! Yeah, I did.

A big thanks to Dayana because I took part after she won herself RM1k. She encouraged me too, gave some tips and much more. Thank you for the blog post also! :) Then, thanks Mom for helping me out with the biscuits. Teehee. Oh Adam, thank you for posing (I'm sure he'll never going to read this, LOL)! To Alia and Pei Khim, thank you for helping me out with the *blank* although it has not been send to them yet, haha.

And finally, thank you Red FM! This February has been a little more special ;) Thank you for choosing me to be one of the winners! I LOVE YOU, RED FM! Again people, tune in to Red FM for the awesome songs and rocking deejays who are always on the go!

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