Friday, February 25, 2011

I wonder.

What does it feels like studying overseas?

Far from your family and circle of friends. I've always wanted to study somewhere outside of Malaysia. But now, MARA and JPA have stopped from sending students abroad. I kind of think that it's because a part of the previous students did not want to come back and choose to work overseas instead :/ I don't know how much has this influence the end result, anyway. Sigh but I'm sure there's a good thing about it too.

However with all the chaos and natural disasters happening in certain parts of the world, I want to stay. Oh well, I shall just wait for the results first :/

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BLADE EDGE said...


saya just blogwalking kat sini. baru tahu pasal blog ni..

anyway kalau ada masa, silalah berkunjung ke blog saya.

happy blogging :-)