Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 5 – How important you think education is?

As-Salam, hello

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Everyone knows education is important. What would you do without education?

Both formal and informal education are equally important in life. We learn as we grow up through everything we do. We go to school to have a proper education. We live life and gain knowledge all along. We go through the ups and downs of life.

Of course, education is important. With education, you won't be stupid. Haha. Not funny! Going through life is a learning process. Even babies learn. We started learning since we're born. Talk, eat, cry (?), laugh, listen and etcetera, yeah you get it.

And for me, education is like, everything. Well, you know, to be someone, you have to be educated. No, it's not a must to have a PhD only then you can be a someone. I'm not saying if you don't have high education levels, you can't be a someone. What I mean is that you still have to learn in order to be that someone you want to be. Of course, it's better to study up to the highest education level. You understand, someone? I'm sure you do, someone :P

You're already a someone yourself but you gotta improve to be a better someone. Okay, gelabah kau someone, someone -,- So, if you're still reading this, oh thank you so much for doing it. Education is the key to success. Rindu Pn. Sakuntala. Dia cikgu English Form 4 & 5 saya. *tiba-tiba

Therefore, study hard people! Don't you ever stop because it's darn important! Teehee. xx

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p.s. Aku tak percaya study smart. Sungguh. Tapi terpaksa study smart masa SPM haritu. Nangis laju-laju.

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