Thursday, January 20, 2011

When :( meets :( and becomes :'( but later gets :)

Salam and hello.

I had flu a few days back and just recovered today but it was substituted by a sore throat and yes, I sound like a gay. Nevermind. I had my second driving class earlier today. The first one was on Wednesday. The first one was okay, my tutor showed me two roads ; A and B which I'll be tested to drive on either one by the JPJ officer later. It was fun except that making U-turns at the end of both roads are kinda hard. :( I drove back home though, hehe.

While today, I screwed up quite a lot. I learned how to do the bukit thing (I don't know how to explain this in English so whateverrrr), side parking and 3 point turn. I did bukit thrice, failed twice and had to repeat. Then, comes the side parking. This is the best I could do despite the car engine died a few times but I managed to do it. And lastly, the 3 point turn. I managed doing the first try but screwed the second and third time. The third time was simply horrible. The good thing is, I didn't hit any poles.

I've got only 3 classes left and after the third class tomorrow, I'm left with only two! :/ I must work on this. There were a few more students just now, some hit the poles, some drove over the divider. I was heck nervous watching them! :O For now, I am just hoping that I'll get better tomorrow. Well, if I did everything I learned step by step, I'm pretty sure I can do it.

What's ruining my mood even more is that I miss school. I miss school. I miss school. Can't deny the fact that I miss every single thing at school. The buildings, the classes, the field, the pavillion, the canteen, the whole atmosphere. Don't mention how I miss waiting for teacher to enter the class and start the lesson then, everyone let out a sigh. Haha, no, I really miss my teachers. And friends. My class. Ahhhhhh, I miss giving that smile and look to Ambigai every morning I stepped into class. Miss paying attention to Pei Khim who would tell us to shut up and listen (Oh she did it in a decent way, though!) every time she had some announcement to make. On top of that, missing all the good times my friends and I had chatting about what we're gonna be when we turn 25... *continues singing, okay stop. About the future, about missing school after we leave like how I am feeling now. I really feel like crying :'(

But anyways, I don't want to be sad tonight. So, to switch my mood, I listened to Bruno Mars' songs a while ago. The songs cheered me up though. I am starting to fall in love with his songs and.......... him, LOL! Okay no, just joking.

Okay now, tell me who wouldn't fall in love after seeing this?! I love you, Bruno Mars! <3 :P

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