Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Kak Leen's wedding.

Salam and hello

I've been down with high fever yesterday, so I was doing the sleeping beauty thing, yes sleep. Anyways, no worries, I'm all fine and ready to go!

So, last Friday was the small feast upon my eldest sister's wedding. It was really a small one just to inform the family's close friends about it. Many came like what we've expected. There were some who didn't turn up and I am disappointed, to be honest (!). Geram tau. Nevermind that, the main course was briyani rice, it was good for me, it's just that the chicken and beef were a little bit spicy. It's our fault also though, we had a little bit misunderstanding of the dishes' names. The night was cool, I was walking up and down trying hard to greet everyone. Malu tau, tapi belasah je. :P

The next morning, my BIL and a few of his family members came. Me as the bride's sister had to welcome him and he gave me an angpow. I am supposed to ask for more but being shy and awkward, I accepted just that. Haha! Nevermindddd. Next, before they get to enter the house, my sister's friends prepared some games for them. They were so creative! The boys had a terrible time, lol. I don't know how to describe the games that they played, so I'll upload the pictures later. This time, I'm gonna upload pictures, serious! Haha :P Later 'kay? Moving on, so the boys had to go through a lot. After that, we had this tea serving session. I did and got another two packet of angpow! Hehe, I love my mixed family. :DD When it all ended, they went to my BIL's home.

Moving on to Sunday, the official wedding dinner. It was at a restaurant in Klang. The night was great, both my sister and BIL enjoyed the night, I guess. Oh, BIL even sang a few songs! Wuhoo! They even danced to a pop retro music along with my sister's friends. They were, hmm, cute? Haha, yeah. :D

Starting from Monday, there's this boy who follows my mum back from the kindergarten. Well, we're babysitting him la, in a simpler way. That's what I have done for these few days, till then! xx


Syera said...

aww awk lak ble huhu :)

Shahiela C said...

Amboi, awak dulu. Huahuahau :P