Saturday, December 25, 2010

Sister - family

Salam and hello!

Firstly, merry Christmas yo! Having a great time? Cool! So, today I went to my uncle's house at Damansara as my sister and BIL's exchanging gifts for their wedding. I have a quite complicated family, before I proceed, I gotta tell you about my family first to avoid misunderstanding and all. Maybe you wonder why we did it at my uncle's place and not at ours. It's complicated and with my 'superb' speaking skill, I would take a long time explaining what/how/why my family is complicated. Bear with me. Hah.

Pardon me if I complicate this matter even worse. Here it goes. Well, back then, before my dad married my mum, my dad was married and had a daughter (the sister I'm talking about). After that, my dad and his wife divorced, later he married my mum. Then, when he converted into Islam, my sister did not convert as well. So, there I have a sister whom isn't my sister by right but I consider her as my sister because we have the same dad and I think she is a sister of mine. Yes! I'm done. Not that complicated, right? Hehe. I know this is rare, congrats you've known someone who has a family like this! XD

Back to the main agenda, it was really simple, far simpler than I thought. BIL came with his brother and cousin. They actually brought food like rice balls, erm, dried squid and et cetera. Haha. Oh, they even brought a big roasted whole pork, I didn't actually think pigs are that big. My sister said it was just a medium sized one. Imagine there are bigger ones? My oh my. I think it's like a must have item.  You should ask the pure Chinese, they shall explain waaaaaaay better than me. I am mixed already, 'ya know? Hahahaha XD Then, they had a short praying ceremony and after a short chat/discussion (I don't even know what they were talking about! -__-"), BIL and his company went back.

After that, we went off for lunch at PappaRich, near the Uptown with my eldest uncle and two aunts. My fifth uncle didn't come along because he was not feeling well. I've always love times like this, although we aren't that close like how me and my maternal family are, I feel like I'm apart of the family. Know what I mean? I hope you do, haha. It's just nice when a family gets together, the quantity doesn't matters much but the quality does. It feels so good to be there. :')

Around 1.30 p.m., we made our way back. The small feast or dinner you can say for my sister is on next Saturday, can't wait to meet my mum's friends. I made myself sound like an aunty, didn't I? Hahaha, well, they are mostly considered my foster parents so of course I'm looking forward to meet 'em! ;]

So, till then. Bye!

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