Thursday, December 2, 2010

Here comes the baby.

Hello, December. Hello, everyone.

The youngest month of the year is finally here! No, not that excited. I wasn't looking forward for it either. Time is really going super duper fast! 2010 is hectic and chaotic, maybe because it's the last year of high school and there is SPM to think about. It is somehow different from the past years.

I'm not gonna do the what-I-have-done-throughout-the-year now, I'm keeping it for my New Year's eve (or maybe a few days earlier) entry. Coming back to what's going on right now, I've done 15 papers altogether (6 subjects) and 8 papers (3 subjects) remaining. 23 freaking papers, people! I am awesomeeeeeeeeee. Don't you try comparing me with the top SPM scorers. I can't imagine how they study. Tabik spring sikit! Hehe. Anyway, I can't wait for SPM to end, not being self-centered but finishing my papers on the 9th (11 days earlier than those who're taking EA) is just horribly sweet. :P

As I'm going to finish my exams soon, I haven't had any proper plans of what I'm going to do after that. Well, I do have some things in mind. Oh, I've registered myself at the driving school! Just did in the evening. It wasn't expected to be this early though but at least my time is occupied. Next, my sister is going to have her wedding ceremony on the 1st of Jan and we'll be having a small feast on the 31st. Eh wait, 1st of Jan will be 1/1/11?! Nais! Didn't realize that, lol. So I guess, I'll be helping my mum clean up the house or preparing the door gifts or anything related to the small feast. Then, I think it would be nice to work. Mum agrees but she prefers me working after I've got my license. If I have to wait, then I would probably ended up not working! So I thought of getting a part time job, we'll just see how it goes. Other than those mentioned earlier will be hangouts, movies, Korean dramas (since when did this gets into the list?! XD) and my 12 hours Internet routine basically. What a life, haha.

Till then.

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