Monday, October 18, 2010

Step Up and G.D.

Me, my sister and Syai went to Mid Valley yesterday for a movie and to buy some stuffs. We watched Step Up 3 (3D). We've never watch Step Up before, so this is our first time. Do I have to tell how hot Rick Malambri (as Luke) is?! HAHA okay, cut the crap out. But, seriously. I'm not lying.

He. Is. HOT. xD

The girls are average but I found Alyson Stoner (as Camille) and Adam G. Sevani (as Moose) made up a cute couple in the movie. Then, Martin Lombard and Facundo Lombard (as the Santiago Twins) are funny. And cute. ;D All right now. I don't think I needa tell what's the story about. If you don't know yet and want to know, please kindly Google about it which I know you wouldn't do. Here's a little description about the movie ;

New York's intense street dancing underground comes alive as a tight-knit group of street dancers team up with Moose and find themselves pitted against the world's best hip-hop dancers in a high-stakes showdown that will change their lives forever.

Yeah, I've done the Google part for you but this is just an overview of it. After the movie, we searched for stuffs we need to buy. We bought some presents for friends and my sister got herself a bag. So, that's about it.


Graduation Day is on this Saturday! Wuhooo!

If I were to say I'm not excited about it, then it's a lie. I'm not really that excited but I'm looking forward to it. Well, it's quite an important thing to me. High school is coming to an end. Oooh okay, skip this farewell part, please. Anyway, I'm sure everyone would want to look best on that day. So, we are going to buy things that would complete the whole outfit we'll be wearing this Wednesday. Things that I meant are more on accessories. All will be done in the ol' Kajang town, see 'ya around (I sound like an artist promoting an event or something, hehe). It's a school day by the way, so not cool.

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