Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The unexpected could happen, no?

School was usual until a few local celebrities came after recess. None of the teachers tell us exactly who's coming earlier during the assembly this morning. Since the Form 3's were having their trials so, only Form 5's and Form 4's were involved in that program. I and Syera were curious and made some guess of who are the guests actually during Agama after the assembly. Then, Wawa suddenly told us that Black's coming. We were shocked, seriously. Well, why is he coming to our school? After that, when we were discussing the exam paper, ustazah said Black for the answer 'B' and made this I-know-you-knew-he's-coming-later face. This can't be it, duh.

After recess, we were supposed to gather at the pavilion but then we were told that the guests will be late. The event started at 11.30, mind you. It's an hour late, okay? Still, we went to the pavilion and sat there patiently, not knowing what was going on. Once everyone was there, suddenly we saw AG, Akim and Black! Everyone screamed and shouted and cheered just like how an all girls' school students would do when they meet celebrities face to face. Totally.

Honestly, I can't believe my eyes either especially when they came nearer. *screams* Okay, I didn't actually scream but I cheered. XD Of course I did, it's my first time. I mean, it's the first time getting to see celebrities face to face, so close and at MY SCHOOL! Convent Kajang rocks now! Well, our school rocks since back then but now, I mean, even more! ♥

They sang Inilah Cinta, Sofia Jane and Rindu Yang Telah Pergi. I love the last song ♥ It's a Raya song, anyway. To shorten this post, I've enjoyed the day! After all, it's not easy to meet them. Although I'm not a big fan of them, I was happy. This had put a smile on my face all day long. ;] Here are some pictures taken by Fathiah and Mina! Thanks! :]

The arrival, lol.

Black comel. Say whatever you want, I'm still saying he's cute. :'> HAHA

Teachers took out their phones and snapped pictures also :]

Edry Hashim, he's a composer and also a guitarist ;]

See how cute Black is! Look at his face and I could imagine Binng's face expression too. XD

Not only the students, they shook hands with the teachers also. Awhh. After signing a few autographs, they ran went off. Haha, what a day. ;]


eminey626 said...

your background music is so cute ;D

Shahiela C said...

Thanks :]

Hazlina Jaya said...

akim datanggggggggggggggg??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shahiela C said...

Dah lama tunggu, comment jugak akhirnye. Hahahaah, ha'a :P