Saturday, August 7, 2010

There's still a chance for you.

Hello there everyone. So today's a school day and I went. The form 3s & 5s had the SPM & PMR Pend. Islam answering techniques in the morning before lunch. After that, we had this motivational talk, mostly about teenagers and abandoned babies. :( For once, this opened my eyes about the issue. Well, I know it has been bad nowadays but only just now, I realize how terrible it has been. Of course, those who did all that are really cruel and heartless. There were a lot of videos about it. Watched a video of how baby abortion is done. Ahhh trust me, the pain was of course, unbearable but the worst part was the innocent baby had to die. How mean is that? You tell me.

I kind of agree with the Dr. that we, girls/ladies/women play an important role of this problem either the cause or the solver. I hope you get what I mean. So girls, please take good care of yourself. NEVER sacrifice yourself and your dignity for worthless guys who aren't sincere. They're USELESS. Know that you're a special person, you are way to good for those guys (or jerks). Remember that 'kay. I guess that's 'nuff said, I sound like a motivator now, did I? :P

At last, we sang this song. Don't blame me of my sensitiveness and my awareness now that I want to share this. Hehe. It's a nice song anyway, something you can listen to whenever you're confused or lost about life. Till then ♥

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