Thursday, August 12, 2010

Alia Farhana.

Hello people. Today is Alia's 17th birthday! To tell you the truth, I was kinda excited yesterday, I just don't know why, lol. It should be okay since she's my best friend and I should be happy for her big day, rightttt?

We all went for a lunch at Old Town last week on Wednesday. We didn't actually plan to make it as a surprise for Alia initially but oh well, this ain't fun without a surprise, so yeah we made it as one. Why did we celebrate like a week earlier? Simple, her birthday is in Ramadhan, obviously we can't make it today. So to make sure that she's gonna join us, I told her that it might be the last lunch we're having together 'cuz we'll all be busy after this. Sad isn't it? *cries* Or it's way too dramatic? HAHA. Either way, Alia was surprised. ;] But sadly (!), we didn't take any picture though I did bring my camera and that was so, -____________-". GAHHH.

And today, we sang her a birthday song and gave her a hug. She was touched all in all. ;]

Me and Khim wrote her messages for a year! Sweet tak, sweet tak? Hehe :P

I hope you've really enjoyed the day today. Thanks a lot for being a great friend through all these, what, 7 years? I think there's no need to tell on what made us remain as friends this long so,

Here's to another year of great experience, HAPPY 17TH BIRTHDAY, girlfriend! :D

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