Friday, July 23, 2010

4 + 1

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Who says stepping down is easy? I could say, it's quite sad and OMG-I-DON'T-WANT-TO-STOP-YET-WHY-IS-THE-TIME-RUNNING-SO-FAST. Haha no way. Yes, WAY! :(

Back when I was in Form 1, I never had expected to be a prefect. I wasn't that smart or that brilliant or maybe that well-known for the teachers to notice me. Yeah, I'm not sure about how the nomination is being done now but during my time, the teachers were the ones who choose students to be prefects. So I didn't expect anything, I'm happy enough to see my friends got chosen to be prefects. I thought there'll be only 3 students ; Malay, Chinese and Indian from each classes will be picked. Then one day, the seniors announced that all calon whom were called by the AJKs will have to gather at the school hall. I still remember that we were at the surau when the seniors went class by class and call out names. We were curious to know, so we peered through the window hee. After that, we went back to class and they said that Shaleen, Syera and I were chosen. I WAS CHOSEN HELL YEAH. I was surprised of course, I was actually the class assistant monitor. Then, we went through the probation and finally got appointed, early Form 2. Why so late? Only God knows why.

 Everything went well, well I'm already a senior at that time. Not much that we or at least I need to deal with. Being a prefect in that year wasn't so hard. Sadly, time passes and I went to Form 3. Everyone was scared and worried and nervous. HEY, WHO AREN'T SCARED OF THE SENIORS? Tell me. That was the hardest I supposed, I'm pretty sure many got scolded by them (yes, yes including me -,-"). Then, interview. HAH. Another bizarre. Frankly speaking, mine was kinda bad. Wuu malu gila wuu but it's okay, I managed to get through it though ;] This year was kinda tough. I was assigned to 5 Ruby which was, OMG -,-" No offense but I don't like some of them there, they could really talk all the time if they want to. I was the only Form 3 and I've got Maggie and Tashwenee both Form 4 with me. Life was certainly not a bed of roses. Okay dah menyampah guna ayat skema esei macam ni.

Moving on to Form 4, phew, done with those seniors. Let's skip to the time when we had to go for our last interview in high school to be an AJK. One more time, I never had the thought of being an AJK. I've always think that someone must have certain qualities that could make her an AJK. I never thought I will. From what I had observed since I was in Form 1, all the AJK were someone who does something professionally, talk confidently, act firmly and gets respect from everyone. They were looked up to. Comparing myself to them, I would never be one. But who would have thought that I've got the chance? Yeah so I became the bendahari. It was a little too high but they've convinced me that I can and I finally chose to go with it.

I get to learn a lot through these years especially when I became an AJK. I see things through different aspects, solve problems by finding out the cause not blaming the person involved. There are so many things to be taken into consideration before we could solve it. The key here is to be open-minded. There are many more ways to improve things like in this case, talk about discipline, some won't stop just by giving them punishments. If I were to tell what else I've learned, I won't be sleeping tonight. I've learned a lot and I really mean it. Well, to deny the fact that being a prefect could make someone a better person, I just can't. Being a prefect had really change me a lot.

So now, an endless thanks to everyone whom have had supported me all the way to where I am proudly standing. Thanks to Mama and Papa for giving me the permission to be a prefect and supported me when I'm down. Thanks to all teachers ; Pn. Faizah and Pn. Hanita for the chance to be apart of the board, Pn. Nirmala, for the trust and faith you and the previous AJK had in me to be one of the AJK. I know I've messed up somewhere here and there *I'm so sorry :(* but you've guided me through until the very last end. And last but not least, my fellow friends, I couldn't have gone this far without you!

Tomorrow, the 23rd of July 2010, will be the last day for us, the fifth formers on duty. Congratulations to the new board of AJK 2010/2011! All the best to uphold discipline, I'm pretty sure you could do better than what we have done. This also goes to all the prefects of SMK Convent Kajang, do make us proud aite? Next, congrats also to all new prefects of SMKCK, do your best 'kay :]

And lastly, as we step down, don't take things easily. Brush up your skills (maybe you should do it even harder now) cause we ain't giving you just "sweets", we're giving you "honey",  so good luck, girls!

p.s. Insert sarcasm where necessary ;D


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