Friday, July 16, 2010


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It's been a few days that I haven't update anything here due to some reasons aite but I'm back, worry no more HAHA. So how's life treating y'all? Many things had happened at school lately. Let's start things related to study slash SPM first, shall we?

Teachers are trying hard to finish off the syllabus by this month. Hmmm, I don't really think all of them could finish it. Hey, we've got about 2 more chapters to go for eg. Biology, Chemistry and Sejarah. The chapters are not short ones but long enough to make us see twinkling stars, stuffing facts into our brain for merely 2 weeks! This is SPM ya know? Then comes the mentor-mentee program. I don't really mind about this thing, *coughpositivecough*. Well, even if we fret and scream or even run amok at the heart of Kajang, we still can't change anything. So it's better if we accept it and do our best, no?

Next, prefects stuffs. I'm sure everyone in school is aware that the new board of AJK are going to take over soon. Honestly, we have to go through many things all the way. It's not easy, that's what I can tell. We have to make a lot of changes and again, accept things positively and lightly. I've learned a lot from all that, I mean A LOT. Life is just unpredictable but everything happens with a reason. So now, let's move on 'kay :]

Oh, it's already July and yeah, it's close enough to SPM and then leave school. Man, how I love this old school. Yesterday, Pn. H gave a brief talk about the matriculation application. Yesterday too, we can start checking if we're chosen for PLKN. We reaaaaaaaally are leaving school. As much as I don't want to leave, I want to leave. To face the big world out there, to know what are the challenges waiting ahead. Sound interesting and may I say, positive? LOL, I've really succeeded in coaxing myself HAHA :P I'm sure life has a lot more to offer, right? But anyways, I'm still gonna enjoy my days in Convent until it's time to leave. I sure will :D

I'm not complaining though, that's how life should be, doesn't it? And it's already 7 now, Mum is going to start her lecture if I don't stop and take my shower. I don't want that, so cheerio!

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