Friday, June 4, 2010


Today's Friday people.
 I mean it this time. Let's shout out REALLY loud. One, two, three,


I'm sure everyone knows that my exam is over! Very much relieved, I'm scared that it's already June. About 5 more months to the big exam. D: So, how's my exam? Dreadful. Hah. I'm not lying, this is what I really feel. Many thought that I always lie when I said mine sucks and et cetera, it's true. Well, when people asked my parents about this, mum would say I'm lazy *gahhh* while my dad would say, "of course she'd say she's not good, no one will unless they can score a perfect 100 all the time although what they've got is good enough." Knowing him saying that somehow, made me work a tad bit harder :]

Anyhoo, despite of all shit hard questions I've answered, let's welcome the two weeks of holiday! I'm not going anywhere other than going back to PD on Sunday and Malacca next week. Even if I'm not going out, I've already got some plans at home. Two weeks aren't that long anyway, let's start enjoying things now.

 And, what about you? :)

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