Thursday, June 24, 2010


This week is hectic! Other than my 'impressive' results that I've got, there are so much to do. I planned to settle the prefect fees by this week but I can't because some things are not done yet in the afternoon session. And now, I'm participating the Kem Integrasi at school for 3 days. So I'm not sure if I can finish everything by next week. Then, came the second term fees that I haven't even start collecting.

Next, I got the Addmaths project to do and it has to be done 2 weeks after the holiday. DO YOU KNOW THAT IT IS FREAKING NEXT WEEK?! Moli said that Pn. R explained a little about it after we went for recess. Now I don't even how to do it. GRRRRRRRR-EAT.

 Stress and sleep.

On the bright side anyway, we don't have much homework to do this week ;] PHEW.
Oh wait, there are Sejarah and Physics corrections to do. But I'm sure I can manage to do it today.
But first, I need a GOOD nap, then homework and packing. See 'ya on Sunday (if I'm fine physically, mentally and emotionally). 

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