Monday, June 7, 2010


Hello folks! School holidays are here. Talking about school, here's my last 2 weeks of SCHOOL HOLIDAY. I still can't believe it that it's already June. In less than 6 months and I'm out of school. I've been studying in Convent for 11 years, both primary and secondary including this year. 11 years, I love this place a lot.

So how's holiday going? I've been planning things, it's not difficult to plan but to do it for real? Hah! I'm starting slowly, doing it one by one, not going to rush. I'll get bored and quit later on. So it's better to keep things at a slow pace. After all, I have 2 weeks, right? Wait, maybe only 12 days. There's still time. :)

Have a good holiday everyone, take care.

p.s. Oh, homeworks are yet to be done, good luck me. -,-

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