Sunday, June 20, 2010


Hello all! I went to Malacca on Wednesday and came back yesterday. We didn't plan to do anything at first. But then we went to SUKMA and my cousin sister wanted to see the swimming competition. It wasn't that interesting to me, maybe because I don't really like sports haha. Wait, it's not just me. My aunt was sleepy, my cousin brother can't sit still because he was bored(!), my sister wasn't interested at all, my mum was reading the newspaper. Only my cousin sister paid attention (I think so, she didn't even know how to read the scores lol), my grandma (maybe haha) and I was taking some pictures - but the pictures are horrible -,-

Then we went to Mydin, it's huge! It's even bigger than our Tesco here and not to mention Mydin, Kajang. *too small T_T Afterwards, we had chicken rice for lunch. One for RM2.50 and eat it for two! And of course, it's delicioussss *yumm! Yeah that's about it. It was hot in Malacca but very cold at night! My cousin sister even fought for my blanket with me! HAHAHA. Oh and because it was really cold on Thursday night, many frogS came into the house -,- We asked my cousin brother to get rid of the frogS at first but he failed *sigh. So me and his lil sister went to the rescue. We had a hard time doing it because there were like 5 frogs altogether? Yes and we did it! Haha yay to the frog busters! xD

 Dewan Akuatik Hang Jebat

 A handmade windchime :)


 Hello there, I'm your salesperson (& the mascot) for today. HAHAH xD 

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