Friday, May 21, 2010

Week 1.

Dear bloggie,

Exam week 1 has just passed. Phew? Exams are so-oh cool (yeap, insert sarcasm here). I would say BM was ridiculous for some part of it ; some of the questions were wrong (they made me crazy analyzing the sentences for mistakes, bravo) and the essays' choices are all equally hard. Wrote about the importance of the exchange students program to the countries involved. -___-

English was apparently better but what I did wasn't my very best. So, hmmphh. Had Maths yesterday, it was just okay. I couldn't answer all the questions but it was still okay. As for today, I had a hard time answering History. Gahhhh, paper 1 was quite simple but paper 2 was tough. Even the KBKK questions which are supposed to be bonuses are hard, too. I did badly for both papers anyway, did the eenie-meenie-miney-mo-please-stop-me-at-the-right-answer thing for some questions in paper 1 and wrote stupid answers for paper 2.

Told 'ya exams are cool, like duhh.

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