Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day.


I didn't plan anything big to celebrate Mother's Day except from giving my mum a simple handmade card. The card was supposed to be made yesterday but somehow I forgot and realized it this morning. -____- Called Khim and asked what she's doing - she's Old Town-ing with her beloved mama and sister. Awww, and me? Done nothing!

So I had this quick plan on, make a card and then bake some muffins. Successfully made a card after breakfast (wrote horribly on the card T_T). Then, I decided to go for carrot muffins since I haven't done any before. I don't have the exact recipe but I derived it from the mixed fruit muffin's recipe. I changed a lot of ingredients because I don't have the same ingredients but well, it turns out good except that they look pale. Need to improve on the colour next time.

Finally, gave my mum the muffins and the card. Hahahaa it was funny that my mum said she doesn't like carrot muffins at first but after tasting it, she said it was nice. I am proud, I am. Haha. My mum was delighted. Then, I hugged and kissed her like I always do, my mum is the best. ♥

That's how I celebrated Mother's Day with my mum, how about you? ;)

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