Tuesday, April 6, 2010


School was fine except that we have to do 2 BM essays, one is  regarding to the "hak pengguna" essay competition and another one in conjunction of the language month which is also a competition. Next, English was quite boring. We did comprehension today and I was really sleepy when my classmates take turns to read the Chinese Panda passage. Then our teacher told that she bought some books bla bla bla (I was not concentrating at that time) including a riddle book. Because we looked so tensed (she said), so she started asking us riddles. Some of them are ;

A farmer has 20 sheeps. All but 9 died. How many left? - 9.
What's with teeth but no mouth? - A saw / comb.

We had English for three periods continuously because Pn. Rohana was absent. Yes, I know, -_____-". Luckily, teacher asked us to do a summary on the Chinese Panda, at least I won't fall asleep. After English, Khim asked Ruiy, "Dalam banyak-banyak bom, bom apa yang tak meletup?" She answered roti bom and then started talking about it with Ambigai after she answered (on behalf of Ruiy), bomba. Haha. Then everyone started doing riddles of their own like ;

Khim apa yang paling nakal? - Pei Khim.
Ambi apa yang paling pendek? - Ambigai.
Sze apa yang paling sakai? - Sze Ruiy.

Those are some, haha. It was funny when we actually (obviously) knew the answers and everyone can answer them straight away, together. I love my class when we go crazy - yes, just like that. ;]

Maggi Mee lovers, let's join! Ngeheh :B

Good day.

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