Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tahu tak?

Today is 22nd of April. Who knows what day is today? Make a guess. Google it now, if you don't know. Who doesn't know has to shift to other planet, NOW. Okay, just kidding ha-ha-ha *fakes laugh*. Yes! 22nd April is the Earth Day! :) So if you don't remember, please put a reminder on your phone or notice board or anywhere that would remind you of this BIG, BIG day. Get it? Let's move on.

Everyone, everywhere should unite to save Darling Earth. :]

The bear is asking people to stop pollution (?). Is it going to be like this, one day?

Rate yourself. Even Dora celebrates the Earth Day. I'm sure Diego (Dora's cousin) does, too.

So now people, let's do something to save our Darling Earth, shall we? Even small things like throwing trash into the rubbish bin would make a difference. Just imagine if every single person in the world does the same thing. Do not hesitate to start, it is never too late. Tell the world out aloud that YOU ♥ Darling Earth!

Happy Earth Day, everyone. Let's all make Darling Earth a safe place to live with peace and harmony. Everyday is Earth Day. ;]

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