Saturday, April 17, 2010

Okay, that's enough.

I thought of blogging yesterday but I didn't. So, exam is on the 18th of May. Yes, another 1 month and 1 day coming. Shit.

I talked about exam a lot lately,  it's on my mind every single second. Hell, of course I'm scared. Who doesn't? Tell me. Even the top students are, then why shouldn't I? I can't ignore the fact that my results are not good and I'm taking SPM this year. I repeat, THIS YEAR.

Because of that, I'll be on Twitter from time to time only (I hope so). If I've got time, I'll blog, maybe. 31 days aren't that long now with all the things I have to do. Thinking of the Teacher's Day preparation and the cash flow, in and out can give me headache already. But because of my teachers, I'll do it willingly though. :)

Anyhoo, no matter what is going to happen next, I'll treasure every bits of it. ♥

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