Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Best Saturday.

Hello humans of the Earth! We had school today. I actually thought of skipping school but, I promised my friends to come so yeah, I went. I'm good, I know, thanks *widens smile, shows teeth*. Anyway, only 13 HARDWORKING people came. 4 teachers were absent, so we had plenty of free (yes, I mean study-free) time! Go jealous, people, jealous. We had an ultimate fun time, yeah, REALLY FUN.

Why? Here it goes, the day started like usual. We, prefects go for duty and others do their own work in class. Ally went for the boat competition thingy (they got 3rd in the first round and got 5th in final!), so I had to write the reliefs and then recite the prayers and made an announcement (I miss doing this!). Khim, Wan Fung and Moli had already went out when I entered class and Cik Wong was already in but we didn't study. Some of them were doing their Physics report (I handed in mine already!) and for the rest, they did their own stuff. I actually planned to do my Sejarah notes but then, nevermind, haha. Then, I took out Maths. I was doing the first question and after I had drew the sphere and did all the latitude and longitude lines, I realized that my East was West and my West was East. -___-" I erased everything and closed my book. Hah. That's not fun! I'm just getting started, wait. Scroll down.

The Physics wave pattern. -_______-"

Khim. :)

Ruiyyyy. :P

Something fishy was going on but I don't know what was it.

Ambi proposing Pavitra. Awww. :P

I actually don't know how we started doing this, but here we did a catwalk! Hahahaha *laughs*. It was a crazy idea though, but we did! We did the catwalk, yup, all the 13 of us. We even pushed the tables and chairs a little to the sides so that we have some place to walk like cats! I know, you're already imagining it but well that's not enough. We recorded it but for some reasons, I can't put it on here. Too bad. :(

Then, we had Biology. Here's a short conversation of us and our teacher.

Pn A / 5 Intan / Ambigai

Cikgu, hari ni tak payah ajar la.
Ha? Habis tu awak nak buat ape?
Hmm, kita ade la aktiviti sendiri nak buat! *senyum kambing*
Cikgu ada tak apa-apa experiment untuk kita buat? *Moli sighed (experiment = report)*
Hmm, lab assistant takde la.
Hahaha hari ni kitorang jadi lab assistant la cikgu.
Takpe la, awak tengok soalan ni lepas tu jawab. *starts putting on a slide show of questions.*

We still answered the questions but because we haven't really study yet, we guessed. Haha. So that's the only thing we study today. After that, recess time! For the first time, we sat together at the same table eating at the canteen. Prefects don't have to go for duty, so we can all eat together. Ally gave us cream puffs and chocolate eclairs (Thanks and they're niceee!), we even shared them. But too bad, the canteen food were sold out before recess time ends. T_T

Turka & Pumpkin. :D

After that, we had Sivik with Pn A again and she came saying, "Nak belajar Sivik tak?" and laughed. We didn't do anything in specific but we took some photos and scribbled the whiteboard. We also did our autographs on the whiteboard but thanks to me, I didn't take any photo of it. -___-" ISH. We were kinda clueless with Ruiy and Fong aren't in class 'cuz they went to help our BM teacher. Someone suggested to play Truth or Dare and so we did, many secrets were revealed HAHAHA. But secret kan, we can't tell it out. So yeah. :)

Su Ann striking a pose with Nik's ILY sketch. Aww. :P

Moli changed her sitting pose when Prithini was telling a truth, lol.

The whole gang but without Syera, she took this. D:

Pn. S came for Accounts and said she wanna teach. We were like, "TAK NAK LA, CIKGUUU." She said we're the good students so, we need to at least do one exercise or else it would be such a waste coming to school. Again, we refused. We were all sitting in a circle on the floor anyway, haha so I guess if she really insist us to do, we might have just stay put on the floor hahaha. But we didn't, Pn. S gave in, lol. Then, she told us a ghost story. Ha, creepy.

Before I end this post, let me show you the report of the day.

I have no idea why it had to be a rooster, not a penguin.

Sending it for approval.
Approved. :D

All in all, we had a good time today. I enjoyed myself being apart of the class. Although not all came, but still we were happy (we were noisier than usual, somehow the noisiest today, tee-hee). I hope I've made myself clear on how much fun we had today, bye. :)

 Can't believe your eyes? Haha, so that's it for today. Who says I can't do long blog post? I just refuse to, but for this, I can't resist from doing one. I love you girls, have a good day everyone.

p.s. I've removed our catwalk video, so for those who had actually watched, you don't have to make a fuss over it. Thanks.

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