Friday, April 9, 2010

The 50th Sports Day.

Convent had finally held the 50th Sports Day today. I reached school at 6.19 a.m. I met Khim and Nitya then we went to 4 Berlian, Rose and Vila were already there. Later on, everyone arrived and we worked on the mascot, kawad members and et cetera. We messed up 3 Intan and 4 Berlian, everything was all over the places. So the kawad started off, I guess it was okay. Khim and me held the bunga maggar at the back. I feel weird though. The track and field events were random for me. I can't believe it that I only heard Seroja cheering. This year's Sports Day ain't fun like a few years back especially when I'm in Form 1. :(

The mascots were nice, Mawar with The Last Samurai, Kenanga with the 3 bees, Seroja with Peterpan & Tinkerbell and Cempaka with Avatar. They've done a great job, well done people. Mawar came second overall so yeah. Anyways, congrats to everyone who had worked hard for today's event. Everyone deserves a compliment. :) Now, here are some pictures of the day ;

Yesterday. y'all not forgetting those not in the picture, you guys were the greatest. :)

The Last Samurai (Red House)

Avatar (Blue House)  Haha, Nik.

 Peterpan and Tinkerbell (Green House) ; the Best Mascots.

The three bees. (Yellow House)

Awww, hahaha I like this.

Farewell, the Sports Day 2010, my last one in high school had officially ended. :'(

More pictures on Facebook anyway.
Memories are forever, lock 'em in your heart and mind, bye.


maisarah bt md ismail said...

i likee the last samuraii . haha cuteee and creative.

Shahiela C said...

Thank you, thank you! Hee. :D