Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Hello there! Sukantara had officially ended. My last sukantara yaww (except the fact that I sucks in sports, I've contributed 3 points only). :( Whatever so, I've done it! Yayyy! *cheers* Now, I would just pray hard for the athletes. ;)

I got most of my test papers back already except Physics and Agama. It was okay, since I didn't prepare so much for the test, did last minute study as always. -__-" I'm one of the good example of burning the midnight oil, HA-HA. Okay, that's not funny. Pfft. So far, I got an A+, 4A, 1A-, 1B+ and 1C+. Not a good one though but I'm thankful enough that I've passed my Addmaths. Honestly, I've failed twice last year and it was not fun, NOT FUN.

Now, let's get back for some serious study!

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