Friday, February 26, 2010


Good morning peopleeeee! Firstly, Salam Maulidur Rasul to all Muslims in the world. *smiles, wider and wider.* Okay now, what am I going to blog about just now? -_-"

Nevermind, things might come up slowly later. Anyway, I had a dream last night or maybe in the morning before I got up. It was a stupid one and would be a disaster to my whole life IF it happens. NO WAY. It must be because of the topic I'm learning in Agama class lately, ish I'm reaaaaally looking forward for the topic to end.

Oh, anyway me, mum and sister went to Sungai Tekala last Saturday with my uncle's family. It was quite late already, so we got free entry tickets for both my cousins haha. We had fun splashing and the way my uncle shivers made us laughlike maniacs. Then I took some photos and we went home. Okay, we didn't went home straight away but went for night market hunting. We ended up at Bandar Tek.'s small 'night market' and bought some drinks. My aunt suddenly suggested to go to Putrajaya and everyone was nodding heads since my uncle said it wasn't that far. I was hesitating because I haven't done my homework yet but well since everyone agreed, I have to tag along. So we went to Putrajaya with tracksuits and slippers. Very VERY simple, haha.

I guess that's it. Wait! I made some blueberry cheese tarts yesterday. Yay for me! Finally, for the first time, I succeed! :')

I'm going to Rembau tomorrow for my cousin, Ain's wedding! So buh-bye darlings.

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