Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Birthday.

Firstly, sorry for this late post. Anyway, happy belated 17th birthday Lee Pei Khim! :) The best friend, the one who gets troubled by me who is a problematic human machine. So we had planned a birthday celebration for her. Okay firstly, we knew that she would know about it because logically, we'll do a suprise EVERY year. Plus, this year is the last one in high school, so of course we'll do one for her! This time, it's a bigger suprise.

Basically, me and Alia planned it with ideas from Wan Ying, Syera, Moli, Nik and Su Ann. We've decided to celebrate it at Pizza Hut near the McD. It's nice of Ally's mum who helped to make us a birthday cake. The cake was with fondant icing (is this correct?) and it was really pretty and sweet! :D That's the basic plan. Then, Yokewei and Yilin wanted to join us so yeah. The last minute change was changing place to the Pizza Hut beside Metropoint which was quite a fuss.

Now, shall I tell what's going on behind the scene (behind Khim obviously)? Okay, I'll just tell everything briefly. Firstly, I've told Khim that I'm not staying back at school for Guides meeting that day. After the byes and hugs, I rushed downstairs to the pavillion and met Ally. We then took the cake and walked as fast as possible to not meet Khim, Syera, Nik and Moli on their way to Cziplee (to give us time to order the pizza and prepare everything out). Then, we met Ying and Ann, then continue walking and finally reached and ordered the food. Then, Yokewei, Yilin and Ghayee came. We waited them four and about 1.45 p.m. they arrived and we sang a birthday song for her! Then, we tried lighting the candles but failed so Khim blew the lighter off, haha. Then, she said, "dah agak dah."  Okayyy habis kecewa tawww. -______-'


But it's okay, we've already expected that she would have knew it at the first place. She said that we're acting so weird and even Ally's tweet asking me to MSN became very suspicious to her, haha. Upon all, I think she had a blast on her birthday, right? I hope you do. We also had some many photo shots at the school field after guides. Thanks to the unpaid photographers juniors who have helped us taking the photos. :D

Ally :)

Because Ann's the weirdo, lets bully!

Birthday girl who(?)

The chemical X bonds us all :')

Can you see the love all around? :')

And these are ze models.


Lastly, may you score your SPM with flying colours and success in everything you do! Love ya best friend. ;]

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