Friday, January 1, 2010

Sit and grab some food.

Hey I'm here again haha. I am just sitting here, updating about the new year (like I'm the only one who knows that 2010 is approaching). I've just realized that I missed the best and worst part of 2009! Okay, I'm gonna do it fast.

Let's start with the best part first. It was being in 4 Intan - the awesome, weird, irresponsive, lazy, loud, blur, liar and anything else, you tell me. :] We were negative at times *most of the times, I guess (?) but we loveeeeeee each other. Don't we? Don't we? At least, I LOVE YOU  maniacs :) Then, Pn Rohana as the class teacher is just a bonus point or let's say we won the jackpot? Haha, she is nice and a great teacher (though I failed my Addmaths twice this year but neverminddd). Not forgetting, all the teachers too :)

OMG 5 more minutes, type faster Shahiela. Now the worst part is failing for the first time in my exams! This is dreadful okay? And I was just short of a few marks to pass. Boo me for being such a lazybum. Next, having Miss Eva (she did her practical for about 3 months) teaching us English for a short time only :( Her classes were never boring. She made us smile, laugh and love English! Miss Eva is the coolest teacher alright? Her last day was on the 2nd of October, on my birthday.

It's 2010! I've failed posting this before 2010 but who cares?
HELLO Photobucket!

♥ Nur Shahiela Chao AFC :D

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