Thursday, January 14, 2010


Hello people! :) Hee. Okay I don't know what to blog about. Ideas were rushing through my mind just now and now they're gone -,-. I'll still blog anyway haha ;p

So while I was playing Zoo World in Facebook which I'm not very clear about it, there's this advert on the right side. I accidently, okay, it was not an accident. I purposely clicked it and it opens to a new page. It's Clinique. Don't know what's that? Go find out about it haha ;p So there's this new 3-Step Skin Care System. I went through the descriptions about it and bla bla bla *you wouldn't want me to write it here right?

I'm going too slow from the main thing I need to tell. Finally, here it comes. *drum rolls* haha, alright. There's a contest regarding to the 3-Step Skin Care System on Facebook that is called, Hey Gorgeous! Okay there's nothing to do with snapping a picture and submit or anything closer to that. Basically, you have to write a diary for 7 days. It's like a game and a diary. Starting off with the 3-Step Skin Care System, then personalize yourself with make-ups and clothes. Then write a diary about the day and that's it for 7 days.

Last but not least, I'm in! Haha ;p Oh, the contest goes through votings. Faham faham lah ye. Rajin rajin vote saya hee ;p

here's mine and join the fun too! :D Bye people!

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