Monday, January 4, 2010

First Day Of School '10.

As I woke up this morning, the thought of school, studies and commitments I have to give scared me a little. Then I dragged my legs to the bathroom and get ready. Had a piece of mum’s ‘Batik’ cake and a cup of tea for breakfast. So about 6.50 a.m., I took my bag and shoe laces outside. Oh, it was raining this morning. As soon as I opened the door, I saw my three pairs of shoes, wet under the rain. Oh-my-God. Both pairs and no more left. The third pair was my casual shoes. I felt like screaming.

But I didn’t. I’m lucky (actually, not really) that one pair of my school shoes was not fully wet. Okay, it was wet overall but unlike my casual shoes which was filled with rain water, gahh. So I took some tissue papers and wipe my school shoes with a hope that it would at least dry off a bit. But it didn’t. Ah, I’ve got no choice but went to school with the 25%-wet-shoes. It was not bad because it had dried off in the car, haha.

School was hectic in the morning. It was still raining and we can’t held an assembly since the pavilion was used by the primary school. So we gave in and went back to our classes. We didn’t have any reshuffle, yet. I don’t know whether the previous plan is on or canceled.

I dislike my class timetable. Imagine that we’re having 8 subjects on Monday! We even have physical education which I hope my dear teacher will only teach us theories on Mondays so that we don’t have to bring our sports attire. Our subject teachers remained the same except now - History with Cik Wong, Civic with Pn. Asmah, Accounts with Pn. Sharmiza and PE with Pn. Noreen.

And, I’ve already have to start with my homeworks - 3 essays and a Biology report. Bye!

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