Friday, December 18, 2009

Something common

I woke up this morning and had done this for 16 years and still counting. This is gonna be a short post and I'm not bluffing.

Salam Maal Hijrah :)

Maal Hijrah is actually similar to New Year. So as usual, new year will be followed up with some new goals and mission right? Yes, here's a list of little things I would love to change.

1. Study hard.
2. Stop gossiping. *this is hard*
3. Be nice to people and SMILE.
4. No more bad thoughts about people.
5. Finish my homework A.S.A.P.
6. Focus and response.
7. Appreciate time.
8. Respect others.
9. Be serious whenever I should be.
10. Do a lot of practice.

So these are the Ten things I want to achieve throughout this year. People, you are always welcome to nudge me if I forget about this. I tend to forget things so yeah, bye.

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