Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A school of fish.

Is that right? Okay that doesn't really matters right now. Let's just go straight to the point. School is starting in 6 more days *I can't believe it that I tweeted wrongly a few weeks back, confidently counted 30 days in Disember instead of 31, oh my God I really have to go to school -,-.

I've been talking more about school starting than new year either in Facebook or Twitter (mostly). The reason why is I can't accept the fact that I'm going to be a Form 5 student (no more kakak Form 5 because I'm the kakak now wth). I'm going to sit for SPM which I think Shahiela and SPM will not make a good pair (does the word 'pair' suits the situation right now? whatever). Next, the big commitment on everything - studies, prefects, clubs and bla bla bla. To you, it may not be a big thing but it is to me.

This holiday was wasted although I've put on more effort this holiday than before, I hope so (?) Oh and, I didn't go anywhere during this holiday *boo me. This holiday freaked me out, thinking about all the things I've mentioned above. This holiday made me fatter at the lower part of my body especially my thigh *My exercise isn't helping! All in all, this holiday sucks but at the same time, I enjoyed it because I barely did anything-I-should-be-doing.

Okay, that was my holiday. How about yours?

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